Windscreen Repair Cost: What is the Average Auto Glass Repair Cost?

This is a query we have seen asked more often than the queries related to actually buying a vehicle in the first place. How much does auto glass repair cost? Will it be heavy on your wallet? Or can you easily afford it?

Well, you see, it’s hard to put any direct opinion out in front that easily. It depends on a lot of stuff. All of this stuff is very different and not even linked to each other. Let’s go over the various aspects to help you know how much does a typical windscreen repair costs.


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First, repairing vs. replacing: Replacing the windscreen with a new one obviously costs more than repairing it. But your service provider will only for a replacement if they think that repairing is not feasible? How do they decide that? Well, they have put in their worth of years into it, making them excellent and experienced people. If they say that your windscreen is going to need a replacement, it most certainly is.

Sometimes, even small damage has to be dealt with by replacement because the type of damage or position where it lies can render repairing useless altogether. This happens rarely, but should always be kept in mind.

Insurance is one major point to talk about here. If your vehicle insurance covers glass damage, then there is little worry for you. If a repair is needed, it will be free for you as your insurance company will pay for it. It cannot affect your no claims bonus negatively.

If replacement is required, you might need to shell out a bit as part of your auto glass excess. It means that you will have to pay your insurance excess (according to your particular policy). Normally, even this doesn’t affect the no claims bonus.